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Do YOU wish to Re-Gain Control of Your Life !!

"I was quite simply terrified of childrens balloons, I could not stand to touch them or be anywhere near them. Hypno Therapy helped me overcome my fear".

Hypno Therapy  specialize in helping you re-gain control of your life. Maybe you need to develop your personal growth by building or rebuilding self-esteem, resolve relationship difficulties, enhance your job or career satisfaction, or improve sporting performance

Hypno Therapy can help you cease dependency on habits such as smoking, eating disorders and nail biting

Hypno Therapy can assist you in the management of stress related disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, insomnia or Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Hypno Therapy can coach you in the techniques to help you manage personal crises such as accidents, traumas, miscarriage, bereavement, redundancy, divorce, coping with illness or optimise your psychological well being by releiving stress, anxiety, or depression.


The tree is so fascinating that you walk around admiring it and hear the birds singing in the tree.

The sound of the birds singing along with the sound of the wind through the leaves and the wind through your clothing is so relaxing. See the tree, how fascinating, how tall and strong. Examine it carefully. Notice the outcropping of the roots reaching across and disappearing into the ground...Read On ...Click Here

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